Keywords : Fracture

Assessment of internal fixation outcomes among fractured patient in Mosul City

Mohammed Tariq Ali

Mosul Journal of Nursing, 2018, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 9-15
DOI: 10.33899/mjn.2018.160077

Background and Aim: Internal fixation is a surgical intervention  in orthopedics that involves the surgical implementation of doing a manegments  and  repairing for bone,  this concept starting in  the mid of 19th century and was made a doable as  routine surgical treatment   in the mid of20th century , that operation  may be made by special equpment like  stainless steel or titanium, the study assessed outcome of internal fixation.
Material and method: cross-sectional (descriptive) design, 110 patients were participate in this study which conducted at Al – Salam Hospital Teaching and Al- Jumhory Teaching Hospital from 10th December 2013 to 7th April 2014, The study tool composed of three parts; part one demographic characteristics of the patients including age, gender, residence, past history (family history, medical history) and economic status, Part Two; Fractures classification consist of  five items; types of fractures location of fracture mechanism of trauma, duration of internal fixation and Part Three(Internal fixation outcome)consist of three items (complete healing without complication, failure of internal fixation, delayed definitive fixation).
Results:80.9 of patients was suffering from complete fracture, Femur was the most commonly location of fracture which constitute 56.3% of patients, the majority of fractures were caused by blunt and motor vehicle collisions constitute 40.9% and 31.8% respectively. More than half of the patients were achieved internal fixation without complications while 43.8% of patients were suffered from joint stiffness more than one month post-operatively.
Conclusion: rigged internal fixation lead to good healing therefore more than half of patients was completely healing with variation in time, while failure of internal fixation was about quarter of study sample caused by complication.
Recommendation: Encourage to use internal fixation procedure less than 30 days after fractures and applying internal fixation for more than one year to avoid nonunion complication.
Keyword : Internal fixation , Outcome , Assessment , Fracture .