Keywords : construct

Constructing of An Educational Program for Primary School Teachers Regarding Hepatitis A Control In Kirkuk Governorate

Naryman Mohammed Ahmed; Rifaie Yaseen Hameed

Mosul Journal of Nursing, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 17-21
DOI: 10.33899/mjn.2013.162912

Background and aims: In most cases of a single child with a common childhood communicable disease, the only action necessary is to ensure that the infectious child stays away from school whilst infectious and to be vigilant for further cases developing. The study objected to evaluate an educational program for primary school teachers about Hepatitis 'A' as one of the common childhood communicable disease in Kirkuk governorate . Materials and method: A Quasi-experimental study was carried out through the present study with application of pre and post-tests approach. A probable (stratified) sample consist of (80) teachers who participated voluntarily from (80) primary schools in Kirkuk governorate They were divided into two equal groups of (40) teacher, one group was exposed to educational program (study group) , while the second did not exposed to the program (control group). Data were analyzed using SPSS version-18. Results: The results show that there are statistical significant differences in teachers' knowledge, attitudes
and practices regarding all topics of Hepatitis A in comparison of pre and post tests for study group. Conclusion: The study show that there is good acquisition in teachers' knowledge, attitudes and practices about Hepatitis A. Keywords: Hepatitis ‘‘A’’, teachers, construct, knowledge, attitude.