Keywords : gene expression

Gene Expression Profile Of Lncrna Meg3 In Prostate Cancer And Normal Cell Lines

Yasin Amin; Ayshan Rafat YASSIN; Bakhtiyar Shwan Azeez

Mosul Journal of Nursing, 2021, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 30-37
DOI: 10.33899/mjn.2021.168003

Background and Aim: Cancer is one of the major of human problems and prostate cancer is a popular healthy problem in cancers. In spite of the developing treatment methods, prostate cancer cannot be treated effectively.Therefore, the identification of novel genes that will be role in the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer is of greatest interestmeg3 (meg3 family tumer suprosser gene are key regulators of programed death cell .
Objective Although studies have saw that this meg 3 has processes, its usefulness in the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer has not been fully elucidated.At the same time, previous studies have shown that the meg 3gene is associated with important protein apoptosis triggering proteins such as HAGLR and TSIX. In this study, by using gene expression level, we aimed to investigate the relationship between the levels of meg3,and haglrgene which the prognosis and apoptosis processes of prostate cell line.
 Materials and Methods: Collected of the sample from normal and cancer tissue type in the cell line, RNA isolated from the cell, RNA quantitation, cDNA synthesised, cDNA quantitation ,and Real -time PCR was performed to see the level between two types of genes.
Results: meg3 tumer supresur level was significantly lessened in regulator molecule tissues of a cell line with prostate cancer . In contrast to HAGLRprotein, no significant difference was detected in TSIX expression level. However, Our study also showed that low meg3 expression level is associated with important clinic characteristics of the patient such as tumor grade, stage and breast cancer type.
Conclusion: Findings of our study show that meg3 has roles in prostate cancer formation and might be a novel biomarker for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.