Official Journal of the College of Nursing, University of Mosul

MJN Policies

Mosul Journal of Nursing (MJN) is committed to upholding high standards of publication ethics and expects all authors to adhere to ethical requirements in the preparation and submission of their manuscripts. The journal follows rigorous publication ethics guidelines to ensure the integrity of scientific publishing and instill confidence in the published articles.

As part of the ethical requirements, the corresponding author is responsible for confirming that the content of the manuscript, or a significant portion of it, has not been previously published in a refereed journal. Additionally, the manuscript should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, whether in full or in part. The corresponding author should explicitly state that all listed authors have read and approved the manuscript.

Please note that while this summary provides an overview of the publication ethics and policies of MJN, authors are encouraged to review the specific guidelines provided by the journal for detailed information on ethical considerations and requirements for manuscript submission.

A) Copyright

Upon the commencement of this Agreement, the Author and each co-author hereby transfer and assign to the Publisher the exclusive rights to the Materials for the duration of the copyright. This includes the rights to translate, reproduce, transfer, distribute, or otherwise use the Materials or any fragments thereof for publication in scientific, academic, technical, or professional journals, periodicals, and other derivative works worldwide. These rights encompass both print and electronic editions of such journals, periodicals, and derivative works, in any existing or future media or formats. The Publisher is also granted the right to license third parties to use the Materials for publication in the aforementioned journals, periodicals, and derivative works worldwide. Furthermore, the transfer of rights includes the ability to adapt the presentation of the materials for use with computer systems and programs, reproduce or publish them in machine-readable formats, and incorporate them into retrieval systems.

Any reproduction, distribution, transfer, or other use of the Materials or any parts thereof, as permitted under this Agreement, must be accompanied by a reference to the Journal and acknowledgment of the Publisher. Specifically, the title of the article, the names of the Author and co-authors, the name of the Journal, the volume/number, and the copyright information of the Publisher should be included

B) Reserved Rights

The Author (Co-authors) or the employer of the Author (Co-authors) shall retain all proprietary rights to the Materials, except for the rights that have been transferred to the Publisher under this Agreement.

C) Author Guarantee

The Author (Co-authors) provides a guarantee that the Materials submitted to MJN are original and have not been published previously. If the Materials were written in collaboration with Co-authors, the Author ensures that they have been informed about the terms of this Agreement and have either signed it themselves or provided written permission for the Author to sign on their behalf.

The Author guarantees as well that:

The Author also provides a guarantee that:

  1. The Materials do not contain any defamatory statements.
  2. The Materials do not violate the rights of others, including but not limited to copyrights, patent rights, and trademark rights.
  3. The Materials do not include facts or instructions that could result in harm or injury to third parties, and their publication does not disclose any confidential or proprietary information.