Official Journal of the College of Nursing, University of Mosul

Peer Review Process:

The Mosul Journal of Nursing (MJN) follows a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and validity of published manuscripts. Here is an overview of the peer review process:

  1. Initial Review: Submitted manuscripts undergo an initial review by the editorial board. The board assesses whether the manuscript meets the criteria of MJN and aligns with the journal's standards.
  2. Blind Review: Manuscripts that pass the initial review are assigned to reviewers who evaluate the manuscript anonymously. Reviewers provide their feedback and recommendations based on the scientific merits and relevance of the study.
  3. Editorial Meetings: The remarks and comments from the reviewers are discussed in editorial meetings to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the manuscript. The final decision regarding acceptance or rejection is made based on these discussions.
  4. Author Revision: If revisions are requested, the corresponding author is notified and provided with the reviewers' comments. The author is expected to address the suggested modifications and submit a corrected version of the manuscript.
  5. Second Peer Review: The revised manuscript is then subjected to a second round of peer review by two or three external reviewers. This step ensures that the required revisions have been adequately addressed and that the manuscript meets the journal's standards.
  6. Turnaround Time: The review process typically takes between 2 to 8 weeks. The publication process, from submission to final acceptance, may take approximately 2 to 24 weeks, considering the time required for revisions and finalization.

It's important to note that the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript rest with the editorial board. They have the authority to accept or reject manuscripts based on their assessment of scientific rigor, relevance, and adherence to the journal's guidelines.