Official Journal of the College of Nursing, University of Mosul

Authorship serves as a framework to assign credit and responsibility for published content, intertwining recognition with accountability. It revolves around offering a precise portrayal of events to determine authorship. These criteria extend across various intellectual endeavors, encompassing both traditional and digital formats such as text, data, and images. Moreover, authorship carries the weight of accountability and responsibility for the published material. Authors are individuals who have contributed significantly to the intellectual content, acknowledging their role and obligations. While these criteria aim to minimize ambiguity regarding contributions, they do not specify the necessary quantity and caliber of assistance for authorship.


The MJN editorial board does not impose restrictions on the number of authors per submitted manuscript, allowing for single or multiple authors. Multiple authors often enhance the scientific and literary structure of manuscripts, particularly when ideas are drawn from various academic institutions. In such instances, a paragraph detailing authors' contributions should be included if not all authors are equally involved in experiment stages, result recording, data interpretation, and final manuscript approval. All authors sharing a manuscript must meet the minimum authorship criteria, with the Editor-in-Chief having the authority to request further explanation on authorship contributions to address any concerns regarding nepotism. Failure to provide satisfactory explanations may result in their names being omitted from the final accepted manuscript.Authors are responsible for determining the sequence of their names, as they understand their contributions and agreements best. Without disclosure of the method for assigning authorship order, readers cannot infer the importance of the sequence.Authorship disputes are ideally resolved internally before the journal's peer review process commences. However, in exceptional cases, the Editor-in-Chief may intervene to facilitate resolution. Any changes to the authorship order or omissions must be supported by written requests from all original authors at various stages of the manuscript's peer review, acceptance, and publication process.


Authors are required to include a "Conflict of Interest" paragraph at the end of their submitted manuscript, positioned before the references section. In this segment, authors must disclose and describe any potential conflicts of interest related to the submission, peer review process, acceptance, and funding of the manuscript. All contributing authors must review and approve this section.