Official Journal of the College of Nursing, University of Mosul

The Mosul Journal of Nursing (MJN) places a high value on intellectual property rights and ethical conduct in scholarly publishing. As such, we expect all authors submitting manuscripts to MJN to comply with copyright laws and regulations.

Respect for Copyright: MJN respects the intellectual property rights of authors, researchers, and content creators. Authors are required to submit original work that has not been previously published elsewhere and does not infringe upon the copyright of others.

Plagiarism Prohibition: Plagiarism, which includes the unauthorized use or reproduction of someone else's ideas, text, or creative work without proper attribution, is strictly prohibited at MJN. Authors must ensure that all content in their manuscripts is original or appropriately cited.

Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Materials: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials, such as images, tables, figures, or lengthy excerpts from previously published works. MJN does not condone the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials in submitted manuscripts.

Compliance and Ethical Conduct: By submitting a manuscript to MJN, authors affirm that their work is original, free from plagiarism, and does not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property rights. Authors are also expected to adhere to ethical standards in conducting research and presenting their findings.

Consequences of Violations: Any instances of plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted materials discovered in submitted manuscripts will result in immediate rejection or retraction of the article, depending on the severity of the violation. MJN takes a firm stance against intellectual property infringement to uphold the integrity of scholarly publishing.

Authors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with copyright laws and guidelines and to seek permission when necessary to ensure compliance with intellectual property regulations.