Mosul Journal of Nursing (MJN)  uses a transparent peer review system, where for our published research articles we are publishing the reviewer comments to the authors, author rebuttal letters of revised versions, and journal decision letters to the authors. Authors are provided the opportunity to opt out of transparent peer review at the completion of the peer review process, before the paper is accepted.

The peer review file is published online as a supplementary peer review file. Although we hope that the peer review files will provide a detailed and useful view into our peer review process, it is important to note that these files will not contain all the information considered in the editorial decision making process, such as the discussions between editors or any confidential comments made by reviewers or authors to the editors.

We are committed to maintaining the anonymity of our peer reviewers. Reviewer names will only be published in the peer reviewer files if the reviewer comments to the authors are signed by the reviewer, or if reviewers explicitly agree to release their name.

In some cases, the editors may redact information from the reviewer reports if they are deemed to contain confidential data. Authors may request redactions on the basis of protecting specific confidential information. Please note that we cannot incorporate redactions for other reasons.

Transparent peer review only applies to original research Articles, and not to Review articles or to other published content.