requiring some changes to the text, but no revisions to the data or conclusions. These letters are usually accompanied by detailed comments on the paper''s format indicating editorial concerns that must be addressed in the revision. The final submission must comply with our format requirements, which are summarized in the Submission Checklist.

After acceptance, a copy editor may make changes to the manuscript so that the text and figures are readable and clear to those outside the field, and so that papers conform to our style. MJN uses Oxford English spelling.

For the final revision, authors should use the revision link to the online submission system provided in the decision letter to upload a final version of the text with all the requested format changes and electronic files of the final figures at high resolution.

When all remaining editorial issues are resolved, the paper is formally accepted. The received date is the date on which the editors received the original (or if previously rejected, the resubmitted) manuscript. The accepted date is when the editor sends the acceptance letter.

Corresponding authors are sent proofs and are welcome to discuss proposed changes with the editors, but MJN reserves the right to make the final decision about matters of style and the size of figures.